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Our History

Al Rowsha is a residential and commercial neighborhood in Beirut, Lebanon. It is known for its upscale apartment buildings, numerous restaurants, cliff-side cafes and its wide seaside sidewalk, the corniche, where strollers and joggers crowd the pavements in the evenings and weekends.. off the coast of Rowcha, there is a natural landmark called the Pigeons’ Rock (also known as the Rock of Rowsha). Located at Beirut’s western-most tip, the two huge rock formations, which stand like gigantic sentinels, are a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

They are especially beautiful at sunset. In the summertime, you can take a tour in a small boat to view the rocks from close up.
Some historians believe that the word “Rawsha” derives from the word rosh, meaning head. Other historians argue that it is a corruption of the French word roche ( rocher), meaning rock.

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